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Pulmonary Valve Diseases

Pulmonary Valve Diseases

The pulmonary valve is located at the outlet of the right ventricle. It regulates the flow of blood from the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery. Pulmonary valve stenosis is usually congenital. In adults, it rarely occurs as a symptom of other diseases. Mild stenosis is usually not a problem, while moderate to severe ones require surgical treatment.

Cyanosis (bruising) in the jugular veins are the main symptoms of pulmonary stenosis.

Pulmonary regurgitation is a very rare condition and usually causes no symptoms. Pulmonary regurgitation can occur as a result of chronic lung disease or diseases that cause increased pressure in the pulmonary vessels. Control of pulmonary hypertension can correct valvular regurgitation.

In rare cases, severe pulmonary regurgitation is noted, requiring treatment. Infective endocarditis occurs more readily in patients with pulmonary regurgitation. For this reason, caution is advised, and antibiotics should be used even before simple surgical procedures such as dental treatment.