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Surgical Treatment in Varicose Veins

Surgical Treatment in Varicose Veins

Can You Give Information on Surgical Treatment in Varicose Veins?

Classical varicose vein surgery, which was used on almost every patient until 10 years ago, has now begun to give its place to new methods such as EVLA, RF ablation and sclerotherapy.

However, it is still used in some advanced cases and in cases unsuitable for RF and EVLA.

What Type of Procedures are Performed in Classic Varicose Vein Surgery and How Large are the Incisions?

Depending on the characteristics of the patient and the disease, one or more procedures such as stripping of the main superficial vein, valve repair, or ligation of the perforating veins may be used.

The patient has 2 small incisions of 1-2 cm in the ankle region and 2-4 cm in the groin region. In addition, to remove the varicose vein packs visible from the outside, incisions of half a cm in size can be made on each pack. Also, if perforating vein ligation is performed, there may be 3-5 cm incisions in some areas of the leg. Information about the procedures and incisions that will be made should be obtained from your doctor prior to surgery.

Are varicose vein surgeries performed under general anesthesia?

Although classic varicose vein surgery can be performed under general anesthesia, it can also be performed under spinal anesthesia.

How Long Do I Have to Stay in the Hospital and How Soon can I Return to Work or Daily Life?

It is necessary to stay in the hospital for 1 night after the surgery. Under normal conditions, you can be discharged the next day after surgery. For operations performed early in the morning, it is possible to be discharged in the evening of the same day.

After surgery, a rest period of 5-7 days is recommended for reasons such as pain and swelling, but this period may vary from person to person. It is best to check with your doctor about this issue and then make a decision.

Surgical Treatment in Varicose Veins

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