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Treatment of PCS

Treatment of PCS

There are a number of medications that can be used in the treatment. Several medications to restore hormonal balance can slow and sometimes stop the progression of the disease. In addition, various painkillers can be used to relieve pelvic pain.

Surgical treatment was a treatment method used mainly in ancient times. Ligation of problematic widened pelvic vessels with open surgery is almost never used today because it is a serious procedure with a high likelihood of complications.

With today’s technological advances and capabilities, closure of problematic pelvic veins using a catheter is one of the most used treatment modalities. These nonsurgical procedures, performed through the femoral vein or jugular vein, widened, structurally compromised veins in the pelvic area are detected. These problematic vessels are first treated with a vasoconstrictor and then special plugs are inserted into them. The technical success of this procedure is 99%, and the recurrence rate is less than 5%.

The procedure can be performed at any time of the year. The timing of the procedure has nothing to do with the menstrual period. Fertility and menstrual pattern do not change after the procedure.

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